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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

what breeds respect and what the view that one is less than the very dust, i wonder? what gets my contempt is living somewhere that thinks it is the best place to live in the world and enjoying it for the self-satisfactory reasons that brought it, like soap scum, to the surface. i wish i were more attentive in my drumming drills as a youngster since manual dexterity now looks so useful. if you ever find yourself cooking for me i would like you to remember that i dont really like tinned sweetcorn, but that fresh is fine.


Anonymous Freja said...

Yes for anyone who'd like to know I'm alive and well. Am sadly fostering an aversion towards the very slow train journey between Norwich and London. Since I have a train ticket expiring in about a month I guess I'll have to overcome that.. anything fun going on within that amount of time?

11:06 am  

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