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Thursday, March 23, 2006

i had intended to write an essay on humility yesterday but you will be relieved to know that i couldn't muster the energy or the inclination. essentially i was struck by the thought: what is the point of humility for a godless heathen like myself? and yet, and yet, humble is what i feel i need to be just now. no doubt i am simply an agent/victim of this age of divided representation as i have long suspected. as you may guess revision is continuing, though not at the desired pace.


Blogger Dan said...

I intend to fully address these issues in my forthcoming publication 'Humility in an age of divided representation: A response to the Companies Acts and Company Law Reform Bil; Competitivity and the essential moral bankruptcy of powerpoint - a reappraisal' Available soon in all bad bookshops

4:05 pm  

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