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Saturday, August 18, 2007

in many boring and obvious ways i am repulsed by facebook. however, i am utterly fascinated by the us politics section (hat tip: abdalla). obama is way out front of this face with over 4 times the support of his nearest rival. given the bias of politically active facebook users it is not surprising that hilary and him are one and two, but the size of his lead is stupendous. i am also interested that ron paul has more support than any other republican - who is he? would imagine he is a follower of dr moon or the king of the the free masons or something. in other news the long touted atlantic hurricane season of 2007 looks to be hotting up. last year was quiet following the same sort of hype, but in bordeaux terms i think that 2007 might be 2005 to 2006's 2004 if you get my drift. which i am sure you dont.


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