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Saturday, January 05, 2008

today sees what might become one of the key themes of 2008 come into focus - hard food. given 2007 was dominated to some extent by nitrogen poached gels and spume this would perhaps be some welcome relief. to continue this culinary riff i have changed my favoured tayyabs fare to dry meat, a toothsome morsel indeed. i have been reading andy hayler's site whilst i am waiting for spreadsheets to calculate and it makes me think about doing another paris jaunt for 3 star lunch. make that my resolution for 2008 (or at least one of them).


Anonymous Andy Hayler said...

I'm glad you like my site. Now the Eurostar is just 2 hours 15 minutes to Paris a 3 star lunch there is eminently achievable. Meurice is cooking very well right now, while Ledoyen has the best desserts.


3:08 pm  

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