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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

best resto dishes of 2010 (no particular order):

  1. a surfeit of bone marrow (st john)
  2. veal chop (zucca)
  3. asparagus tart (sportsman)
  4. burger #1 (goodman)
  5. lamb chops (tayyab carry out)
  6. coddled duck egg (st jb&w)
  7. poached chicken, alioli, beans (st john)
  8. papardelle with hare (zucca)
  9. turbot with bacon (st clements)
  10. prawns (ribeira do mino)
  11. roast chicken with morels (rules)


Anonymous e said...

Favourite dishes cooked by dan in 2010:

Fennel sausages
Hare with pasta
Variuos sourdoughs
Milk fed pigeon with peas
Coq au vin with fern verrow chicken

and the top three:

Pork in milk
Onion tart
Lobster rice

7:58 pm  
Blogger Not the One said... getting hungry just reading your post

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