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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

blah-blah-blahl-blahl-ball. oi! yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. pat her head. have another. get a cab. "jet pilot"! blink. it is light. streaming from the sky. jamais, encore. oi! a pauscity of entries. london calling from a far away town. tea. leaves. eats, plants and leaves. skab! oi! a handfull of sprats? handle the sprat? splat. oi! phil. pus-kram. i haven't slept a wink. oi! thick blood. put it in a barrel. age it. test it. is it evil? is it wrong? yeah. try the other one. firmer. yes. how far you've come. we've grown together. i am drinking again. waiting for ever. come near. come close. it doubles up as a urinal for drunk teens. goodbye.


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