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Friday, October 14, 2005

it would be false to say that everything that there is to be well is well, but on average i feel i am creeping above the curve for now. i am blogging from the elephant & castle shopping center and, as you might guess, this means that i sucessfully moved to london last weekend. today a number of sofas arrived, so we need only a few pesky chairs and shelves for the flat to be in the condition it was slated to be in a fortnight ago. i am having my first study day today, and renormalizing for unrealistic expectations i might just sneak up to my minimum target, which is quite good. i am also reading a clockwork orange which is a jolly fun book i think, like an allegory for therapy or somesuch nonsense. i was going to have a manzie's pie and mash for lunch, but the line was massive so i am hungry. hopefullyi will manage to post before my next study day (wednesday), but the post office may get stolen and then where will we be.


Anonymous Freja said...

I am bored and lost in the clouds, when is the party happening?

12:18 pm  

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