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Sunday, May 21, 2006

friday i was tired, it is true. it is amazing what good an espresso and a listen to joy division will do you. when it had grown dark i headed for brick lane, ran the gambit of potential dinners and was lucky enough to find myself at the birthday party of one kirsty mcquire which was an unexpected treat. not that i was expecting a bad time, but the sheer weight of possibility leant the evening a sweet smell. suitably bouyed by alcohol and amusing sets of potential copulants i strolled home in the pouring rain to find six hours of sound sleep.

i awoke to find the house commendably awash with bayntons, but my time spent with them was all too brief due to pending professional commitments. a fair portion of the day was spent in contemplation. i just cant remember the respective roles of vickrey, clark and groves. drop me a line if your recollections are clearer (i believe the second link is slightly misleading).


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