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Sunday, April 23, 2006

i know, i know. i am terrible. the last week has been a funny one, but i imagine it will proove less pequliar than that which is to come. hopefully it will proove more fruitful in blog output. dont think that i have not been composing rather inticate posts about chameleons and so on, i have. somehow these things just dont always make it through the keyboard.

on friday night i went to a club which was the most concentrated distillation of all that is shoreditch i am yet to experience. it was fairley terrible, but then i was fairley tired and not on the best of form. amoungst other things, i went to foyles today and i concidered what would no doubt proove a fine purchase, but i was planning to walk home so i put it down for the good of my back. i have other things to read this week.


Blogger Dan said...

I'll lend you my battered but still extant copy of the adventures of Mr Vasant if you want to borrow it. I alos recommend the annotations and short-story sequel on, but perhaps the second of these is best saved for later.

11:13 pm  

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