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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i have a question i would like to pose to any theoreticians on the politico-economic axis. if we cut the umbilical chord to rational wealth maximising asset allocation, should we all become shareholders in those organisations (such as our employers and landlords) in whom we take the greatest (non-financial) stakeso we can apply as much leverage on these organisations as possible. from a very different premise, perhaps warren buffets prohibition on directors and officers insurance is a different shadow cast from the same beautiful sculpture. a third projection (and the one which prompted this by now rather cryptic yoga) is that of relaxing the necessity of citizenship from voting eligibility. make the only requirement that you can proove that you are who you say you are (one vote per person) and that you are sufficiently interested in the local political situation as to want to vote. of course, another part of my dogma free politics fears the levels of taxation which would certainly ensue from such a regieme, but if you can crack that one i think it is a wonderful idea.


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