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Thursday, August 03, 2006

who is the most miserable, i wonder? i have heard it said that smog makes a strong play, but then there is the old "well i could kiss you..." and "higle-de-bigldy-boo..." type of moment in his songs which betray at least the possibility of a mood swing. our old frind leonard cohen has somthing going for him but i feel that he is, at least spiritually, somehow canadian and thus whistful (pining for decent maple syrop no doubt - leonard you have my sympathy) rather than miserable. i have recovered a false memory of my dear pa pa singing me to sleep with "famous blue raincoat" simply in the writing of this. i will not bracket oldham or dylan here as they are widely misunderstood and anyway my attitute to them is similar to that taken by hoi athenoi to hera et al - ours is not to reason why. no, today i propose to you that the most myserable is infact our friend darren hayman. think of "the librarian". or "lee remick". if anyone out there knows where i can get hold of the 7" of lee remick let me know.


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