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Saturday, July 01, 2006

it has been a hard year, no doubt about that. so hard that i can't even recall what was wrong with janurary. apart from the obvious. anyway, i have just been to see the magnificent ambersons, which i recommend to you all (if you wonder why i am always recommmending films and never warning you off it is because i like to forget my cinematic misfortunes as i am such a thoroughly optimistic soul - i digress). it made me think about mt strategy in the markets in which i operate (job, housing, friends, lovers etc...) and made me doubt my hedge fund like search for alpha. maybe i should believe all the science, i thought, and just buy the market. then i thought of the serious consequences of such transgression. nandos for one. and all the pissing about. maybe i am destined for a year of sorrows. at least it wont look out of place when i come to write my autobiography.


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