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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

today i blog with some market commentry*. i have the good fortune to be at home studying security price models (a dream of youth indeed), and having done a solid few hours work i have taken a break to have a coffee and maybe plan a short excursion this afternoon. on the radio they are discussing black monday (i remember watching it on telly aged 5) and as i flick to google news i see that the present bear run continues. the last time i commented on a moving market it was just at the demise of charles kennedy, and i missed a good opportunity for a few "safe quid" on the exchanges. my books say that a bet on today's closing would be irrational and short sighted, and i am incluned to beleve them. i did miss out last time though...

*this advice is far from professional, rational, concidered or to be relied upon for purposes other than for the conversation on the bus to clapham.


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