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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

when i get old and obese i will invigilate actuarial exams, but untill then i never want to see one. untill tuesday. bollocks.

some more on joanna newsom. without wishing to resort to hyperbole, i think she may be in the line of captain beefheart. her new record is not a match in instumentation (quite a wall of sound in the age of the ipod: is van dyke parks the proxy ry cooder?), but lyrically. she also has an affectation of simillar strength. and i should wager that like the capatain, she is a vegetarian. if only she were funnier. i also suspect she may be into raike or homeopathy or christianity or something equally mysterious, irrational and pointless.

listening to a decent record whilst liverpool suceed in europe reminds me of when they won the uefa cup and he played a peter tosh record three times in a row. being examined has made me sentimental.


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