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Monday, April 30, 2007

wow, bananas. i cant believe the tripe the voldamort prefers to onthehour. the remeberence of chris morris made me listen to in a beautiful place out in the country, or as it is now known the backing music to channel4. i remember the days when it was to herald a new british pop music, not just the basis for a radiohead album and a bad dream for some moron on acid. ho hum. i suppose it represents at best a marginally brurlean aesthetic.

in other news, it turns out that the honky tonk lagoon is actually in the costwoulds. if anyone can decipher that one you should win a nobel prize for being exactly like me. if you think it is funny then you probably actually are me and i have developed schizophrenia to complement my existing litany of psyciatric hypochondria.


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