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Sunday, July 08, 2007

what a weekend for dan. friday night was a bit mashed up, saturday saw the precious moments of the tour in london and dinner and i have spent today in utter panic. tomorrow i fly to mexico for a week or so and i feel rather under prepared. thankfully i now have suncream, my passport and proust 5 and 6 amongst other items co-located on my bed. i also have a bed to sleep in monday night which is some comfort. important news for fans of finns in the form of a cafe on golden square in soho - it is rammed with scandewegains and delicious cakes and fishes. surely much else to tell, but little time to tell it. will probably communicate tomorrow from jfk where i must pass an amusing 5 or 6 hours waiting for a plane. i am thinking i might try to write a bit in mexcio so wish me luck.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish you luck, hope that means I get a postcard..

12:04 pm  

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