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Monday, June 18, 2007

i am listening to the week in westminter a posteriori just now, and it remains a relaxing, homely sound. alas the content is poor - no one appears to be saying in respect of the emerging political equilibrium "its the economy stupid" which i think is a mistake. also, i a bored of blair: he can apparently barely use a computer, he allegedly cacks himself before the lord and he isn't very pretty. what a waste of time. elect an attractive, heathen, computer literate mathematician to no 10 and i will be happy.

i have also been listening to the rihanna single this fine evening, which the goz pointed me to. he described it in glowing terms, but to be honest it isn't as good as i had hoped. he said i would surely have heard it, and indeed i have - i think. i cant really remember. matbe it will grow on me with time and i will be trying to get her to run for office. i suppose she probably does have a blackberry.


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