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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

hullo, dan here with a couple of cracking festive 50s for your perousal. if there is nothing you like in 1999, then i am surprised you are reading this. i think over the course of his lifetime, i have purchased at least four records for my brother's birthday/christmas present off this list. lucky sod. actually, he is a bit unlucky just now due to exams - i hope he has a better time of it than i did in his shoes.

the year of my birth is none too shabby - perhaps i should start listening to the birthday party more than i do (being not at all). quite funny about my saturday night out - as is traditional when i get a bit over keen on the booze i have almost no recollection of the music played (do i recall the gossip?). maybe it was none stop my bloody valantine and the bad seeds.


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