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Sunday, October 21, 2007

ahoy. quick word on l'enclume - it is very good fun, but the waiting staff are a bit faulty towers. best things i ate were a kind of frozen liquid chocolate stone and a lovely foie doughnut thing. the two names before me in the bookings register had se1 and se10 postcodes. i have been doing very little this weekend apart from cooking/eating and making sloe gin which, i suppose, is a kind of cooking anyway. i went to the john lewis foodhall today which is just like waitrose but with more staff and a better layout. bad luck to blighty about the rugby, but there you go. it all went much better than i would have predicted, had i predicted, although to be honest i have seen very little of it indeed. my poor old dad will not be cheered by the result, though cheering he doubtless deserves.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you seem to be having a very lazy holiday...

11:21 am  

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