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Sunday, March 01, 2009

i was studying on friday, and took the opportunity to nip down to borough for some rather delicious butter from ile de re, and some sourdough from polaine. i was inspired a bit by a memory of a photo on julot's webpage, and this lux-tartine were a feature of the weekend. last night i cooked e roast quail, roast garlic, braised celery and a crouton of guess what - i hope a pic of this might follow in due course. we watched stavisky on dvd which i am sorry to say i found baffling: sorry since it is a good looking film. perhaps it pays too close a hommage to the big sleep et al. which i remember reading that renais loved.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

e made some very delicious pasta with braised leek and parmesan.

4:55 pm  

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