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Friday, July 03, 2009

e and i spent today beside the sea, mostly having lunch at the sportsman. this was by some distance the best restaurant meal i have had in 2009 (and perhaps the best since ledoyen), i would recommend going as soon as you can as they seem to have few covers and a full book. we had a few nibbles (oysters 2 ways, herring, pork scratchings) before the fireworks. salmagundi was kitchen gestalt: vegetables grown round the back of the restaurant, squash puree, foraged flowers and a poached egg. then a crab risotto, and some home made ham (both great) before turbot with salt pork, asparagus and a miraculous vin jaune sauce. the last savoury dish was pork belly, pork tenderloin served rare, achingly fresh broad beans and a slice of yellow beetroot which i will probably remember forever. pudding was nice, mostly fruit as one might hope at this time of year, but nothing was a patch on the beet. the menu is a steal, and the staff are friendly. i will be going back soon.


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