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Sunday, January 20, 2013

just back from milan - had some pretty decent food in restos.

trattoria milanese - this was excellent, my favourite risotto alla milanese, a great dish of veal offal sliced thin and served in a rich sauce not unlike the wonder gravy from steak and kidney pudding.  i also had some fresh cheese with chestnut mostrada for dessert and e had, inter alia, a lovely light ossobucco.

da claudio - crudo and fritto mistro - a jolly lunch in a resto above a fish shop.  most notable were the sweet, creamy purple / red prawns from the south which i had not tried before.

trussardi cafe - risotto milanese part 2 for lunch.  i am sure the posh resto upstairs is great and perhaps i shall go one day.

ratana - total nightmare to find, and it was sleeting.  however, it was worth the trek - i had tagliatelle with veal and olives, tongue with green sauce and a poached pear.  this was all fresh and accurately done, but perhaps a little light on the seasoning.

we had many apperitivi - negroni per me - of differing merit.  i would say that turin is still the top apperitivo town for me.  we tried various tasty wines, but i don't think any were total knock out pairings with the food we ate.  i shall certainly be on the lookout for lombard nebbiolo on wine lists in london.


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