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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

there's a long distance train, coming through the rain. tears on my face and in my heart. each one shed for the love of blogging which is denied me by the dark overlords of internet service provision. much else seem right with the world, in a wry way. i heard an ornette coleman song on radio 4, though in the degrading capacity of theme tune to a mirthless comedy. i have discovered how to get clothes that fit me - buy the one for 13-14 yr old girls. id best be off to get a new alice band. matt's blog seems fairly maniacal, but maybe he will come down one day. i wonder if i have ever told him how lovely guiness makes one's blood. if you are bored on a sunday call me up and we can do somthing to stop me walking to dalston again, cursed thankless perambulation that it was. much else to say but there is more to do, so i will leave you with some advice. dont ever got too excited about an american election result.


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