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Sunday, September 03, 2006

ho! pah! chah! i am very bored. i should like to go for a walk and smoke a pungent cigar and speak in monosylables and not care if anyone can understand me.

feels like it has been a long weekend in the office pretending that i am doing a timed papers but sneakily going for a short walk around my desk or getting a glass of water to free my mind from the problem at hand. mind you, i must have been working pretty hard lately, as i havent been to the nft for almost three weeks.

last night i went to a 70s themed dinner party, and on my way i walked across the city of london as dusk dissolved into black night. my path took me past the lloyds building and 30 st mary's axe. i though of some budgie type cartoon where the gerkin sprouts mustaches and bellows down to the lloyds builing, in the guise of a swiss walrus, about lax solvency standards.


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