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Sunday, November 05, 2006

what was this week i wonder - well, more trains, i finally arrived at balbec and a flying visit from dear old freja gets us to friday 5pm in our usual rollacing way. then the prospective flatmates let me down (all this bad luck is beginiing to get to me i fear), and on to warm peter, ben and mike's house. jolly fun i suppose, but i left in a rather too contemplative state of mind to declare the arrair an unmitigated sucess from my perspective. maybe its the weather or something like that. a breakfast in west hampsted was about as good as saturday got, and today i have managed to purchase my regulation pair of black cords which meets expectations, but they dont seem as tight as last year and somehow i am less excited than i ought to be. to mis-quote rabrindranath, on many an idle day i have grieved over lost time.


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