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Saturday, February 03, 2007

right, OK, this is serious. my favourite picture of all time (probably) is up for sale. can someone lend me some money to buy it (ref FT weekend, W9)? on reflection i suppose that i would probably fail to afford the requisite insurance premiums, let alone the servicing of any loan. still, it would make a lovely birthday present. goodness me.

the weekend looks bleak apart from perhaps some fun tonight. to be honest it all looks a bit bleak until mid-april save next weekend in cambridge and maybe a trip to cheltenham for dinner. and tyler brule's "replacement" should be sacked for being boring. i dont give a damn about your poxy university/charity/tax-regime. when will someone brief me in on w)taps related developments at davos and the new ANA uniforms? hopefully in only 10 short days.


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