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Friday, December 29, 2006

christmas is over, winter has barely begun. i am trying hard to scare myself silly about study today, but it is indeed an irksome task. all has gone well over the festive period: i regularly ate so much i craved milk thistle most morings and i managed to spend some time with my more distant relatives. i am off to walez tonight which could be an opportunity for some excellent walks. excitingly, matthew has told me he will be attending. if only i had a few cds to listen to in the car. if anyone has hints for places to eat expensive ham in madrid, or buy white agnes b shirts in paris, then let me know (in the case of the latter you may prefer simply to observe my movements). i have read the opening few words of "against the day", and think it will proove ample in its vivid and hilarious verbosity. i have a lurid new jumper. all will be revealed. have a wonderful new year.


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