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Saturday, December 09, 2006

i am a slave to my commentariat, so finally i will deliver a long over due update. i live within sight of the the thames, which is making me feel simulataniously dickensian and like some neo-gordon gekko. i have been serously thinking about getting red braces to wear to work, as it would probably encourage some debate with my peers about economic cycles. i have been thinking about cycles qute a bit lately - greed is good. other than that, i am working quite a lot and doing very little else. proust is suffereing from my workload more than i am. i went to the pictures last night to see stranger than fiction which was OK. not really good at all, but OK. i attended the first of this year's christmas parties on tuesday night which was, frankly, a bit disapointing. probably two causes - knowledge that i was to be in work early the next day and a disapointing outfit. other thinigs going on, but nothing really noteworthy. i will try to be duely dilligent in posting during the month of december. i bet you can guess my new year's resolution already.


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