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Friday, March 02, 2007

flashback/daydream from this afternoon:

hot, bright day full of wearysome nerves at the dog-end of a mammoth exam season. everyone has gone on holdiday, but i have some unfinished business with differential equations and so forth. it all goes by in a flash and i am outside eating sushi and sucking on a beer. then up to london, more beer and heading west so i am out of my depth. it takes me ages to find the albert hall. in we go, find the seats, see john shuttleworth doing the warm up act (but dont listen as i am yet to realise his gift - the folly of youth). then belle and sebastian take the stage and there are hundreds of them up there. the girl is wearing a dylan poster dress just like the movie of woodstock. lights down, surely ther will be an encore. lights up. "working the village shop, putting a poster up.......". streets smell like heat as we walk home (or rather to someone else's home).

ive got to get back to that feeling of freedom, but i doubt i will manage it. maybe one day. as authur seaton says dont let the bastards grind you down.


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