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Sunday, February 11, 2007

went for a walk in grantchester today - just as lovely as i remember with a massive sky and some suspect dogs. cambridge is a nice place and i have spent a nice weekend there eating, drinking and (bizarrely) playing squash for about 10 minutes. i am mighty shattered now, and am glad i turned down the opportunity to remember crawley. thinking about it, the effect of cambridge was deeply domestic: i talked about buying a house and my most anxious moments concerned how well cooked a merangue was.

talking of domestic, i need to go and buy some food and have a bath and wash my clothes. also, should prepare for my talk on thursday, do some study and draft a letter for tomorrow morning. probably will just go straight to bed when i get home.


Blogger Matt said...

It wasn't bizzare: I always play squash likd that


9:00 pm  

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