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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

time out from late night spreadsheet action to tell you all about holiday resto action from norfolk: e and i did the decent thing and had dinner at morston hall. for the uninitiated, this involves a no choice menu (beetroot soup, lots of little egg bits, seabass, sirloin) then a decision between cheese and some clafoutis. in fact, you don't even get a choice about when you start which makes for a very wedding breakfast like vibe. to be honest the eggy stuff - parmesan custard and quail egg in artichoke - was best by a way and some of the food - a rather mean slice of sirloin - reminded me of the food at a wedding. nonetheless, with a bottle of savigny-les-baune, it was a fun night out but i would not say, in michelin terms, that it is worth a detour.


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