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Thursday, December 26, 2013

top resto eats of 2013:

mixed veal bits (trattoria milanese)
purple prawns (da caludio)
anything on the menu (40 maltby street)
bamboo shoots & bacon (wuyi shan)
roast duck (loibnerhof)
pig head (steireck)
lievre a la royale (jean paul jeunet)
roast chicken (boundry)
roast goose (yee tung heen)


Anonymous e said...

My top 10 eats made by dan:

Cep, endive, parmesan salad
Lobster russian salad
Mangal lamb with chopped salads
White ragu
Rabbit ragu
Crab souffle
Chicken with morels
Pork scratchings
Daily sourdough toast throughout the year

10:24 am  

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