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Saturday, February 01, 2014

so last week e and i went to rome and ate a ton of resto food.  even for me, this was a rather last minute affair with everything booked within 48 hours of departure so research was relatively limited - it is fair to say that there is much to recommend rome.

roscoli was top of my list and in fact was so good we went twice in 4 days.  the wine list is epic in a way which makes comparison difficult - i have never seen anything like the blend of breadth, depth and value.  the food is a very italian combo of high quality shopping and diligence in the kitchen.  my personal highlight was probably an amatriciana.

we had some pizzas in the roman style which were excellent, but not really life changing.  perhaps my pizza heart belongs to naples.  highlights elsewhere included an exemplary artichoke at nino and fettuccine with chicken offal at armando al pantheon.  we also went to la gensola for fish but frankly, this was the relative dud of the trip.


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