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Saturday, August 02, 2008

ok, so i haven't posted for almost a month, but a lot has happened and i have been rather busy. i have been on the continent for a couple of weeks eating. among the plates i have devoured were a lot of pinxtos in the basque lands, a rather good meal at mugaritz (most notably watermelon carpaccio, pig tail / langoustine, milk ice with fruit and herbs and chocolate / salted almond cake) and lots of seafruit in st palais sur mer.

other notable events from the last month: i have moved to dalston, i gashed my foot in st palais and need 4 stretches removing tomorrow (i am planning to do this with nail clippers - would any medic reading like to comment on the likelihood of success vs death?) and i spent a hot few hours climbing in the pyrenees.

sorry about the lists.


Anonymous e said...

Mm, I could happily live on piggy tails and langoustines!

3:32 pm  
Anonymous F.... said...

months go quickly but the working-day not quite so fast .. where is the monthly update!?

10:48 am  

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