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Monday, October 20, 2008

from the depths of a quiet north london autumn afternoon this blog stirs meekly into voice. i am mainly coming on to talk food (inevitably). i have visited a few newish openings in the last weeks, and cooked a few decent things. bread sauce for one, will certainly reappear on a dinner plate near you should we dine together with any frequency. the bouchon bretton served up a pretty fair cote de boeuf and some toothsome eel. tiera brindisa is indeed home to the finest croquettes in london as the hermanos point out. i had a wonderfully fatty chicken and ham pie at st john b & w.

today i have visited the atelier of joel robuchon for a fairly middling if well cooked lunch of egg, lamb and a tart or two. in all this i suppose the impending economic doom should fill me with remorse for all this spending but i have no fear. the multiplier surely helps us all, and i am just saving myself from tax hikes to come.

on the crunch i cannot believe all the bilge which the bbc et al. peddle on business and economics and i should encourage you to actually focus on the facts rather than bull shit and ignorant flummery.


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