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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

the story: i have been studying for 5 days and i feel a bit more charitable toward my fellow man though i am not as far advanced in my revision as i had hoped (but then what is satisfaction?). i am growing fearful for my dear fellow blogger as his vitality is sapped by the evils of job-hunting and thoughts of no longer smoking. poor old worker matt. the hopeful bum. most likely he will be spared of idleness soon enough.

Friday, February 24, 2006

these look like a load of old cobblers to me, but have a look for youself and we can have an online poll - yougov style. of course the only way to establish the voracity or otherwise of these paintings would be to open a betting market on one of the exchanges. today i am hitting the books again after a fair old gap and it is quite nice i must say. no pies for lunch though, that will have to wait.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

i am thinking about how lovely the mountain goats are and how if i could have their prose style i would write my blog every day just to see the wonderful words on a wonderful screen and i have gone and lost the only cd album i think i have by them which is from the great tape era but it is still nice to hear the new studio sound as it reminds me that prince charles is no friend of mine since it his entirely for his benefit that sainsburys stock organic tinned tomatos which are expensive and disgusting so every sane person buys the normal ones and leavers none for my dinner.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

new questions with old answers (aka parables for paranoids III: everyone damn well is leaving on a jet plane so take some advice from your five year old self):
  • is it attractive to be melencholy as believeing that one is living through the good times with their necessary dissatisfactions brings about a fear of what is to come?
  • are there any news stories about italy which dont reference burlusconi? is the man meerly an egomaniac who controls some papers rather than a criminal?
  • does anyone actually listen to peter, paul and mary for a reason other than to be reminded of the lyric of "dont think twice.."?
  • would i make a great rabbi or simply a good one?

Monday, February 13, 2006

wandering this day i stumbled upon the new paul smith shop in borough and though i was too pressed for time to slip in i think there might well be something worthy of you. i continue to maintain my consumption of flawless coffee to slosh gulp by gulp with the petrochemical "freshbrew" that i am at present drinking like water. i seek respite by braving the storm as much as i dare. please think of lacan tomorrow as you check the post.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

and every terrible thing is a relief. this morning's hangover provided a different colour to the gloom which envolpes 2006. i went to a party and so on, but all i ever seem to write is a list of thank yous and so on so i will give it a rest this sunday. before the festivites began, i had the privelige of dining with my immediate family and heard tell of their respective trials and tribulations, which soothed my spirit a little. i have failed to achieve even a double digit percentate of the work and study which was slated but as the french would say, "it is life".

Monday, February 06, 2006

there has been idle speculation amoungst myself that this blog might take some specific direction, but i fear that it will have to serve it's present function for some little time yet as i am all a muttering and a shaking my head. to err is human and to be tiresome to dan is just typical. i have a fancy to live out my brother's premonition and disappear without warning. unfortunately i am too weak.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

scramble: they are serving smoothies as beer at thew beirodrome. another how to spend it, another hairbrained scheme, another delicious pair of nights out to draw from in the week ahead. the g-unit has ventured to NYC (remember ed: any garments in a small please) and in his place we have.....(drumroll).....jenii. what a treat for those of us who remain (i dont just mean all the bob dylan on her ipod). finally, i bid miss jones a fond farewell with all best whishes for the year ahead.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

today i observed a strick FILO queueing discipline, in all things and at all times (ask ed c). i have a new vice: taking inapproriate times to go for a little walk to my favourite coffee shop (as he wrote it he reaised that it was true and grew sad) and drink a coffee on the way home. "thoroughly admirable" i hear you cry, and right you are, or rather, right you would be for i always forget that it is cold outside (today it was snowing) and never remeber to put on more clothes. hence i doubt i shall ever shift my slight cold (slight since it is only a short walk). anyhow, i had better go and finish cooking my dinner.