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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

i am quite excited. tomorrow i am going to nixon's favourite gaff for lunch.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

i know, i know. i am terrible. the last week has been a funny one, but i imagine it will proove less pequliar than that which is to come. hopefully it will proove more fruitful in blog output. dont think that i have not been composing rather inticate posts about chameleons and so on, i have. somehow these things just dont always make it through the keyboard.

on friday night i went to a club which was the most concentrated distillation of all that is shoreditch i am yet to experience. it was fairley terrible, but then i was fairley tired and not on the best of form. amoungst other things, i went to foyles today and i concidered what would no doubt proove a fine purchase, but i was planning to walk home so i put it down for the good of my back. i have other things to read this week.

Monday, April 17, 2006

i have the good fortune to have a father who knows what is what as far as dear bob dylan is concerned, and as such it is a repeatable pleasure to buy him new records for his birthday. this time i got him live in 64, and it is a corker (as you may guess i have been to kent). he is at the same time both chipper and bearable which is a hard thing to pull off. he performs some of his older stuff ("play mary had a little lamb" - heckler, "is that a protest song?" - dylan), and it is rather better than the studio versions which i have heard.

i have spent most of today pounding the pavements of southwark. sometimes i dearly wish i had better things to do.

Friday, April 14, 2006

there is something absolutely magnetic or ferral about the (so called) 18 years of tory shame. i cant but recommend the excellent blog of ian dale (even if he does live in tunbridge wells - maybe he eats at thackerays everyday), though it huddles for warmth in a long political shadow indeed. he manages to keep up with the podcasts which is more than can be said for some of his competitors. then there is our old friend ken clark (2 mentions in less than a week! his mother must be proud) who continues to talk lucidly about jazz. finally, there is my old dad who recently blamed poor service in a tea room on thatcher. take your pick.

Monday, April 10, 2006

my weekend was quite strong in some sense, but as my dear housemate said there is an interpretation of my recent period of work and study (intense, dull or otherwise freshly discribed) by which it is proxy for some other business which remains unaddressed to this moment. i feel that i must try and make great plans, but to be honest my plans would read like some perverse horoscope: soon you will soon decide that somthing must begin but before then something must be squashed like a drunken fly and so on.

the best thing about my weekend which has not be descibed elsewhere on this blogoshphere of ours was a movie called l'atalante. you should definately go and see it as it shares at least one feature woth my all time favourite.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

i have spent this afternoon wasting time but somehow this doesnt feel as poor a show as it undoubtably is. radio 4 has some decent enough stuff on just now, particularly a couple of treats for poor old worker matt: a new outing for john and ken (as yet nothing to compare to "mary, mary..." or the immor(t)al "ping pong pangs") and ken clark's jazz greats (brought to you by BAT with 360 support from our friends at wpp - i digress). had i am ounce of buck and vim about me i would present this blog entry as a cross word clue with the solution "gerkin".

Sunday, April 02, 2006

today i learned a two salient facts. as time goes by, my inclination to memorise certain pieces of data falls just as my need to know them rises. more importantly, one can purchase konditor and cook cakes and monmouth coffee at the design museum cafe on a sunday, which forever changes the complexion of southwark on the sabbath. that is all.