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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

going to see old joy tonight. have a nervous nauseous feeling in my stomach. thinking about buying a flat in the faroe islands and taking flight. i could renew my love affair with scotchwisky. i would have time to read proust. but i wouldn't be able to be involved in finance, in the cinema or in my ongoing (and frankly, on present form pointless) attempts to engage with the dating market. as stephen merrit would say: if you know anyone who is elligable, not too stupid, intelligable and cute as cupid then let me know. whoa nelly.

NB: nausea is from some essential nameless source, not from old joy being a date, to save on any potential confusion.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

well, at least i am not the only one who feels slighted not to have been in davos this week. sometimies, solidarity can be a foe as well as a friend, as i think i might discover on monday morning. all duely and appropriately opaque. i am afraid it is bought on by impending consiereation of the wilkie model (for the second time in my life). maybe i am eating wrong or something, but i seem to have a very short attention span of late. as last weekend, i hereby resolve to eat caviar to improve my mind (you will not be surprised to learn that i failed in this endevour this last week, though i did manage to sneak in a lobster).

Thursday, January 25, 2007

blink, roll over, cold bit of pillow, all is well. the man on the radio prattles on about interim dividends or something similar. a general mist of doubt seeps into the room. bollocks. i have so much to do today. perhaps i will just hide somewhere and write a blog post every hour for the rest of the day. i wish i was in davos.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

quite a fun week all told - i am racing towards a glorious death caused by the wildcat charms of salt/butter. the week at work was quite normal, a couple of sinking moments to the stomach, a few triumphant seconds worth of chat. so far this weekend i have eaten scallops, beetroot, pheasent and hare. needless to say i am going out to lunch today. perhaps i will try to eat caviar and do my brain some good. i am not studying, but worrying and washing and wishing this morning.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

this seasons new look was christened "gay golfer" by the goz last night and i fear he could be right on the money. perhaps to go on with the disctinctly 06/07 trend of proceeding to cherish all that was once risible i should spend some time on the greens - or rather pinks. the rest of the week has been pleasent without being remarkable except that i should have acchieved more in the office. if you are in cambridge i sould like an update on your availability the weekend of 10-11 february. right, i will get back to the books.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

back in the city i am a weary traveller indeed. big news for the weekend is evidence for the existance of a semi-dual dan (think of sesquilinear forms if you can remeber them), a la against the day (yes, that again...) in the person of the new fast lane author. more than this is nothinig. i have a lot of reading to do about assets, and i fear the text will walk the tiresome tightrope between being far from thrilling and far from exhaustive at the same time.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

hullo from the sunny though slightly perplexing city of madrid. it is very picturesque, but i wish i had done a little research and burshed up on my spanish before arrival. for some unknown reason i am mostly speaking italian rather than spanish which confuses everyone. i guess it is not helped by the fact that most of my attempts at conversatuion occour late at night (and also in the local geenwich village equivalent - but that is the story of an alternative-reality post all thogether). i am having a lovely time reading against the day, drinking dodgy coffee and eating jamon. i should lijke top reproduce an entire song (the gottingen rag) from the book, but for fear of lawsuits (this blog is not run by a nevis shell company) i content myself with:

Felix-Klein - don´t cha pay-no-mind to
the rent or the house-key (say
Howdy there, Hilbert! pleased to
meetcha Minkowski!)

i have also recently spent a pleasent, through wet, few days in wales. if there had been more port available i have no doubt that at least one of the party would have contracted gout. i hope all is well with you, and that we meet soon.