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Monday, April 30, 2007

wow, bananas. i cant believe the tripe the voldamort prefers to onthehour. the remeberence of chris morris made me listen to in a beautiful place out in the country, or as it is now known the backing music to channel4. i remember the days when it was to herald a new british pop music, not just the basis for a radiohead album and a bad dream for some moron on acid. ho hum. i suppose it represents at best a marginally brurlean aesthetic.

in other news, it turns out that the honky tonk lagoon is actually in the costwoulds. if anyone can decipher that one you should win a nobel prize for being exactly like me. if you think it is funny then you probably actually are me and i have developed schizophrenia to complement my existing litany of psyciatric hypochondria.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

i am absolutely loving this. i have long though of jeff koons as a bit of a hero for his choice of part time job when he was starting out, for baloon dog and so on. now i like him as railway tycoon. ma is buying me a shirt in paris today which is thoroughly decent of her. it lead me to have to describe my favoured style of collar in text which was much more difficult than i anticipated. why dont you try it for yourself as an exercise in communication.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

feeling delightfully shambolic i have rested for but a few short hours. night busses: damned if you do, stuck in the hellhole that is north london if you dont. can we all just live within walking distance of each other, please? south of the river? will i ever live to see peace in our time? oh buggerybollocksblahblahstillpissednosensetobemade. could have a horrid hangover coming, but cant yet tell. i am making a massive amount of pasta for breakfast as i type this which will doubtless prove to be une grande misere.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

last few hours with the books. not acchieveing anything, i wish spider man 3 were out. tempted to walk in the sun. they are shooting a move outside, but i can't recognise who is in it. alas not kirsten dunst.

quite fun to see the pound over $2, inflation over 3% and so on. i have been musing about the relation between the price of money and prices of goods of late (see my exam paper of last week for details).

Monday, April 16, 2007

on the hour is definately amoung the funniest things produced by modern man. i had some decent kibbeh for dinner last night. i am definately going to copenhagen, will be going to the restaurant/bakery in monocle (henceforth "the big m"), to the beach and perhaps elsewhere.

very bored. got to do a few more questions tonight on profit testing and so forth.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

when i get old and obese i will invigilate actuarial exams, but untill then i never want to see one. untill tuesday. bollocks.

some more on joanna newsom. without wishing to resort to hyperbole, i think she may be in the line of captain beefheart. her new record is not a match in instumentation (quite a wall of sound in the age of the ipod: is van dyke parks the proxy ry cooder?), but lyrically. she also has an affectation of simillar strength. and i should wager that like the capatain, she is a vegetarian. if only she were funnier. i also suspect she may be into raike or homeopathy or christianity or something equally mysterious, irrational and pointless.

listening to a decent record whilst liverpool suceed in europe reminds me of when they won the uefa cup and he played a peter tosh record three times in a row. being examined has made me sentimental.

Monday, April 09, 2007

news: revision going, a bit worried but frankly less interested than in exam times past. went to kent yesterday for a walk, some lamb and tinker tailor soldier spy. this last is quite fabulous, catch it if you can. i want to go on holiday to mexico this summer and read le carre novels whilst drinking scotchwiskey for a whole fortnight. this would be the highest form of art. well, perhaps i could intersperse reading with monk. alas, perhaps like all good things it will surely not come to pass.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

bugger all on at the pictures it would seem, more's the pity. think i might go and buy a cigar or something.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

quite nice to see the sevens rugby on tv, reminds me of eating pork pies, watching jonah lomu and objects doubling up as urinals for drunk teens (as i would later describe it). and the old stadium and campese: pre-history. dont look back. i am looking forward to a decent lunch today. and i am no longer likely to be going to scotland.

finally got ys today - it is really rather good.