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Thursday, June 28, 2007

i am thinking again about markets, supply, demand and so on. i would like to meet the guy at tesco who designs the fresh fruit shelf, and who sets the margins, follows the market pricing and so on. i wonder if he spends his days looking at curves and thinking about elasticity or if he has a better language for describing these effects. i am also thinking about voices - i need to sound more like david gower. and what about politics - i am too busy at work to spend all day looking at guido (cf the month of may), but i see that it is all going on. who would have thought jaqui smith would climb to such hights? does she have a nice voice? and what about the millibands? old ralph would surely be proud.

Monday, June 18, 2007

i am listening to the week in westminter a posteriori just now, and it remains a relaxing, homely sound. alas the content is poor - no one appears to be saying in respect of the emerging political equilibrium "its the economy stupid" which i think is a mistake. also, i a bored of blair: he can apparently barely use a computer, he allegedly cacks himself before the lord and he isn't very pretty. what a waste of time. elect an attractive, heathen, computer literate mathematician to no 10 and i will be happy.

i have also been listening to the rihanna single this fine evening, which the goz pointed me to. he described it in glowing terms, but to be honest it isn't as good as i had hoped. he said i would surely have heard it, and indeed i have - i think. i cant really remember. matbe it will grow on me with time and i will be trying to get her to run for office. i suppose she probably does have a blackberry.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

i would like to make it a matter of public record that today, as a whole, could have gone better. when i awoke the after effects of a couple of turbos my mind was clouded into not travelling up to cambridge for a picknick within view of grantchester. then i went to the office, did three hours work, pressed f9 and lost the lot. bollocks. gave it the bin. went to the movies and watched opening night which was a bit bonkers, and which had a rather disapointing ending. however there are some moments of lucidity and some of outright terror. now i am going to bed.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

o pato, the ducky-do, do you go to the pictures? quem, quem, quem. i am variously and multiply reminded of a great misguided genius over the last 24 hours. i think that aurther seaton is probably the heroic figure of my adult life to date (along with albert angelo). i have been studying strategy for a couple of days which is an amusing, virtual diversion in a concrete, if stressful, world. tonight i went out for dinner with a number of the grandees of my work life, a nice bit of beef serve with a bitter herd seemed an adequate backgound for the tales of an historic past age which were brought forth for my anusment.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

i wonder when bob was thinking about exodus if he had in mind an opressed mass like mine? i suppose when i walk the roads of creation in my dreams all might be revealed. tomorrow i take some respite from spreadsheets in a two day business game, which may or may not be amusing. i have booked mexico city/puerto vallarta/nyc for july which should be an excellent opportunity to eat tacos (in the l.e.s.) and chat up some yank skirt (in vallarta). if i can sleep on your floor then let me know. i had better go to bed. goodnight.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

i so enjoy johnathan meades locuatious verbosity in praise and chriticism of stowe that i am moved to mark the blog. when no more than a boy, i looked forward everyweekend to reading the man's reviews of 3 star french restaurants (before i, and most likely you, even knew whose three stars were under discussion). meades dresses utterly habitually, which i find admirable. these days he talks of architecture, which again suits my tastes. and he used to live in bermondsey - what a guy! maybe insted of insead i will go and study architecture and talk a different type of bollocks all day than i will otherwise spout.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

i am having a good day - i remembered something fairly worthwhile at an opportune moment in the office, i have heard some of ted heath's "moment historique" speach and i think andrew marr might well go on to tell a story of union crippling / hyperinflation. i dont like marr as i suspect him of reading the independant, but he is relating a good tale and i understand he was once bagehot.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

using a portfolio of weekend and study day i have successfully replicated a bank holiday. i am chillaxing in cambridge over the weekend, perhaps aided by the beery beverages germain to that fine city which will probably still be in the midst of tripos. i have the small matter of some legal reading to complete, alongside the ignominy of the online tutorial. and i need to get my hair cut.