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Sunday, November 12, 2006

another sunday in the city is gone. i managed to cast a glance at a few chapters which is rather a good deed in a naughty world, and i spent some idle minutes on a feasibility study for a trip to lake athabasca. if anyone can explain what i might face in the midst of a class 3 rapid, let me know. i suppose it is deeply retrogressive to want to go to a place i glipsed first on an in flight map aged (let us guess) 7, which would appear to clash with some of the very little i stand for. then on the other hand, you might say that it was destiny - it was gods will.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

last night i went to see the strap whereby i was delighted by their double speed rendition of thefirstbigweekendofthesummer, and by the hoards of filthy drunk scots. i am often reminded at this time of the year of the rather attractive cover of the album which eventually became the retirement home for the millitant anthem. anyone wanting to take a short vacation over christmas might do well to get in touch. i am still moved by the idea of madrid.

do any of you care about the mid-terms? i am loving it all, but i cant get any chat out of anyone in the office, which is a shame. no dobt some others might have an easier time.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

what was this week i wonder - well, more trains, i finally arrived at balbec and a flying visit from dear old freja gets us to friday 5pm in our usual rollacing way. then the prospective flatmates let me down (all this bad luck is beginiing to get to me i fear), and on to warm peter, ben and mike's house. jolly fun i suppose, but i left in a rather too contemplative state of mind to declare the arrair an unmitigated sucess from my perspective. maybe its the weather or something like that. a breakfast in west hampsted was about as good as saturday got, and today i have managed to purchase my regulation pair of black cords which meets expectations, but they dont seem as tight as last year and somehow i am less excited than i ought to be. to mis-quote rabrindranath, on many an idle day i have grieved over lost time.