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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ok, just seen the pbr. how stupid are these people? announcing a NI rise at the same time as VAT cut. deckchairs etc... if/when the insanely optimistic projections for the economy are not met. i can't believe i am wasting my tax on them.
hullo from oslo. snow in stockholm yesterday a small gift (looks nice, lots of little swedes going sledging) and a big curse (a 3 hour journey to oslo becomes a 10 hour journey to oslo). i managed an indifferent cinnamon roll - maybe breakfast now will proove better pastry options. i hope the uk is still funtioning in my absence.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

e and i followed hermano advice yesterday to bocca di lupo which lived up to expectations, particularly on the sausage and spelt front. looks like i am off to freeze myself in scando land this week, i am looking forward to some cannellebulle and strong coffee.

here are some belated pictures of project turbot from the cornish adventure: