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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

i am inhabiting as generic a space as ever i have; it's a hard life but i won't crumble. i have the kind of feeling you get before you drink loads of bitter and then do something silly, but it is not time for that yet, oh no. faster! stronger! lower dipped! applications to join the GCP will be accepted from the first of december.untill then we must all try and focus on the matter at hand.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

to paraphrase the great man, i am having a sort of borough-sevenoaks-sodermalm weekend (i wish). sometimes a pony gets depressed and sometimes, dearest reader, even i succomb to illness. to kent then, with cheese in the offing. i am listening to bob dylan, and i feel refresed already. i wonder if i will ever find the inclination to learn the ins and outs of fixed income securities? i surely will.

Friday, November 25, 2005

ahh, then end of another week and how do i feel you wonder? still ill, alas, but quite happy with a good day's work under my belt. tomorrow i need to buy some cheese and look about me and take stock. if i feel no better, then i fear i shall flee to the poxless provinces and shake the urban dust from my shoes for the weekend. on the otherhand if fate should smile on my fevered brow, i will venture to dear old rickman's for a dear old party and then rise early for sunday lunch at the country pile. i am sorry i am yet to rsvp, by the way. i will keep you up to date.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

my life is a mess. i have a cold, and am feeling sorry for myself. what a rare week it has been. i am going home this weekend for a while, maybe to get better, maybe to meet my dear old uncle pete. if you get the chance, i heartily recommend "double indemnity", but i think you might have missed it already. bad luck.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

two parties last night: clapham and kilburn, some collegues and mikey, campari and gin, green eggs and ham. had to walk home from baker street which was a bit of a chore. i have bought out the cardigan, and am wearing it now. pete suggested the financing was a marrige of opposties, but i prefer to take the 360 appoach. i will make his dinner. i should really be studying today, but have a lot of radio 4 to catch up with. maybe i will walk to grenwich or something silly like that.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

saturday again, what a treat for dazza. last nught had a few drinks, then a few more. one pinning incident reminiscent of certain events in queens bar which live long in our memory. they are saying on the week in westminster that binge drinking is the issue of the moment, and i heartily agree. i need to get more tight jumpers today, but i picked up my dry cleaning in a dream so that is one less thing for my id to worry about. just been wasting my precious time.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

well, my pretties, what have we here? blogging from home on a coffee break is terrific, dont get me wrong, but i will have to be brief as my books are a calling. i have just had a look at recent stats, and well done all of you for reading during this period of sparse posting so dilligently. there is one of you who i should like to identify themselves, if you please; my reader from mattmacdonald in cambridge. i should like to know if you found my blog by chance, if we have met or if you know my pa. i might even manage a small prize (in addition to the honour of this mention), for your helpfulness. pffft. back to the books and radio 4 i suppose. keep on keeping on.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

there's a long distance train, coming through the rain. tears on my face and in my heart. each one shed for the love of blogging which is denied me by the dark overlords of internet service provision. much else seem right with the world, in a wry way. i heard an ornette coleman song on radio 4, though in the degrading capacity of theme tune to a mirthless comedy. i have discovered how to get clothes that fit me - buy the one for 13-14 yr old girls. id best be off to get a new alice band. matt's blog seems fairly maniacal, but maybe he will come down one day. i wonder if i have ever told him how lovely guiness makes one's blood. if you are bored on a sunday call me up and we can do somthing to stop me walking to dalston again, cursed thankless perambulation that it was. much else to say but there is more to do, so i will leave you with some advice. dont ever got too excited about an american election result.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

all this not having the internet at home and so on is fine if you like late night conversation, or for that matter "campaign", but it plays havoc with my blogging ambitions. so a week late assessment of the housewarming is due, and it was jolly fun if you made it and a cause for wailing and like-boo-hooing if you didn't. i had lunch at anchor & hope on thursday which was admirable, and did a bit of work which was decent on it's own terms. last night i went to too many cocktail bars and not enough new-wave clubs to capitalise on my outfit, but sometimes you have to dream and drink and be thankful for what you got. i may well not drive a great big cadillac. i dont even drive no car at all.