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Monday, August 27, 2007

still feeling braced - not done any study yet. the mediatheque thing at the nft is quite cool - i should have a go if i were you. they are even showing my all time favouite movie. going for curried goat and a patty in notting hill today with matt and i and i.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

[lewd exclamation of joy] great news in my letterbox today - there is to be a robert bresson season at the nft in the first half of october. having finally seen balthazar earlier this year i would like to see as much else of this as possible imminently. gorro is having a binge saturday which could be necessarily amusing. i am feeling rather braced, not least because i am not going back to work until wednesday. i will doubtless be less braced when i have to study.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

went to kent to see the old people and pick up my stereo and my beloved coffee machine. this last presented an excellent opportunity for my dad to get out a spanner and a washer, since in it's eight month sabatical to my desk-of-youth it sort of leaks steam in a rather startling way. his attentions in the end have made the situation slightly better though in the process of his maintainance (occasionally precussive) my nerves jangled somewhat. i probably need to go and visit these guys for a service. in other news there is a lot to do on the study front but i cant really be bothered.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

in many boring and obvious ways i am repulsed by facebook. however, i am utterly fascinated by the us politics section (hat tip: abdalla). obama is way out front of this face with over 4 times the support of his nearest rival. given the bias of politically active facebook users it is not surprising that hilary and him are one and two, but the size of his lead is stupendous. i am also interested that ron paul has more support than any other republican - who is he? would imagine he is a follower of dr moon or the king of the the free masons or something. in other news the long touted atlantic hurricane season of 2007 looks to be hotting up. last year was quiet following the same sort of hype, but in bordeaux terms i think that 2007 might be 2005 to 2006's 2004 if you get my drift. which i am sure you dont.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i hate to ape the work of the blogosphere so knowingly, but as i doubt all of you lovely readers (pleural - ha! what optimism) read guido so you must look at this. surely it must happen. with daniel craig as normal tebbit. no? in other news edinburugh may have to do without me this year, which is a bit of a shame. however the morose weather make me less and less likely to travel. i am dreaming of the melancholic delights of late septemeber, but i fear those days will be doubly blighted by study and office time. there you go.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

had an an unexpected treat of a night out with matthew last night who was down for the test with his primary ancestor. sporting endeavour in general does not seem to be a source of great joy for me at present though no doubt in time the tide will turn in favour of kent's county championship team, west ham and england. before the drinking began, i went to the cafe which remains high in my estimation. i also bought a couple of singles which was quite fun. they are ok, but i was a little miffed to fail to find in the reins or some loud thunder in the racks. oh well. i have heard them both before so not that miffed.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

i am really quite tired so today's post will be short. i have no internet connectivity during the hours of play just now which is sub optimal. however, it looks like i am missing only bitter tears for mr prior. i have been thinking about bill murry singing "more than this" which makes me want to try karaoke. i have a relatively free weekend and so need amusing.

Monday, August 06, 2007

yesterday i went to brighton with and and lizzy o and a text message. it was quite a nice day by the sea - we ate a lot at terre a terre, i dipped my toes in the channel and burnt my face in the sun. but somehow when i woke up this morning it was really plain that I should have gone to broadstairs, or at least to kent. no fine restaurant or railway convenience should have shaken my resolve. i have not been for an eternity, but matthew spoke highly of it to me in days gone by and they have a sand beach. and a functional haunted house dwelling ride no doubt. today i have been doing admin, studying and eating dahl. i am crap at admin as it makes me nervous, so i try to do it quickly.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

completely hilarious radio piece on sledging in cricket on broadcasting house just now - perhaps the funnest thing since on the hour and jaques oeuf. maxi-beaucoup de soleil looks to be on the cards for today's seaside trip must auger well. broadcasting house has just got very silly and i am sad and disappointed. my emotional volatility can probably be ascribed to the numerologically impressive nature of the drinks to celebrate nicola's birthday which luxuriated over the afternoon and evening of the last day.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

i went to see dunco last night in the company of a band of brothers i hand thought long disbanded. the spitz was ok, and duncan seemed on great form. thinking aloud looks to have an awesome episode today focused on cappuccino and calamity. i am reminded of the glorious motorway service station episode that closed 2003. i need to have a firm conversation with my flat mate about hot water - it is time to draw the red line. i am hoping for a sunny weekend.