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Sunday, October 29, 2006

when we walked past those waiters on our way to the table on friday afternoon, i knew that lunch with edmond was going to be an amusment. he guffawed as the man reached behind my back to push forward the chair on my return from the loo. all was revealed over the hunny mousse. it was a good end to a rather busy week, and after the 430 train to good old sevenoaks my weekend has been dominatred by slumber and sloth. still, all is not lost. i have mostly caught up with the study which i forewent on friday for that lunch at aubergine. i have been for a couple of walks, seen some splendid deer, and i am solidly working my way through my to do list for saturday morning. all good stuff. i have had rather grand amitions for the blog post from sevenoaks, but this was blown out of the water as i read my book in the bath. it is great. it has reinforced me drive for humility, for fear of something worse.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

if any of you aspiring contingency underwriters have a minute, i would be fascinated to know how berkshire hathaway price a hole in one. canny old warren doesnt give much away, but i think he has slipped up on this one. too much fun. i am terribly bored and trying to do some study. i tried on a couple of garments today, none of which was sufficiently nice as to warrent purchase. best of all, i went to the dover street market and i think i saw hiroshi fujirawa.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

the roads which seem like jaunty places to smoke cigars can lead only to graceless entertainments. this old theory of mine was borne out in my last night's excess. from dawn i was a fury of activity untill about 11 this morning when i entered a classic manic type hangover whereby i am endlessly amused by the inane, and simulatiously i am just bored with feeling ropey and want it all to pass of as quickly as possible. it is the ideal mood in which to try and engage me in some physical game. i wish simon could have come to the office today so we could have played a game without rules which consists of us doing some kind of silly dance whilst i whisper something charming from a film over and over into his shell-like. it is a hard life if you dont crumble.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

i write from trinity church square to report that, rather unexpectedly, creepy has a copy of a grand dont come for free by my doppleganger. somtimes of late i have become convinced that i am in rather a fraught position, but this record reminds me of a truely melodramatic and fearful era. and my bad luck hat is on the table in the sitting room. but no matter. i will go and feed a crow or something. sorry for the lack of posts. i am have been pissing about. now i need a haircut, and i want to go out dancing. most lilkely i will just start a new book and do a bit of work or some such guff.