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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

blogging live but brain dead from Access training. might have to buy some cheese on the way home to cheer myself up. there is to be a party at my new house this saturday, so if you would like to come, but have somhow been spared the recent spam, please leave a comment and i will spam you for all i am worth.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

ho hum, man cannot live on (sourdough) bread alone. last post i forgot to say that i saw tyler brule by the pauls smith sale shop, which was the highlight of last weekend. going out for breakfast is nice; i think abraham lincon said that. you gotta stop drinking so much; i think i said that. whooey - pretty scarey.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

yes, oh my brothers, a real horrorshow pie alright, and with enough mash to slow the progress of a tank. thats my lunch you see, now on to something more schematic: i am having a party soon but i don't know when. try to keep your diary entierly free (i have been doing this for years). i whish i could say something more helpful but i cant think of anything. i am still using internet cafes (and btw study day 2 is better than study day 1 thank goodness, less of the slovos and more of the old moloko-plus), so you can try emailing me at work if you would like to contact me. just make something up if you can't tell what the address is yet.

Friday, October 14, 2005

it would be false to say that everything that there is to be well is well, but on average i feel i am creeping above the curve for now. i am blogging from the elephant & castle shopping center and, as you might guess, this means that i sucessfully moved to london last weekend. today a number of sofas arrived, so we need only a few pesky chairs and shelves for the flat to be in the condition it was slated to be in a fortnight ago. i am having my first study day today, and renormalizing for unrealistic expectations i might just sneak up to my minimum target, which is quite good. i am also reading a clockwork orange which is a jolly fun book i think, like an allegory for therapy or somesuch nonsense. i was going to have a manzie's pie and mash for lunch, but the line was massive so i am hungry. hopefullyi will manage to post before my next study day (wednesday), but the post office may get stolen and then where will we be.

Friday, October 07, 2005

if anyone suggests you go out drinking with your collegues, be careful not to act like a simpleton and get drawn into a happy hour rush. you should have seen me at noon today, i was like some kind of personnification of being tired and wanting to eat a grapefruit urgently. it is heart warming to hear that freja is alive, particularly if you happen to be her i should suppose. i have to pack eveything i own tonight so as to spend a fun hour in a white van.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

what breeds respect and what the view that one is less than the very dust, i wonder? what gets my contempt is living somewhere that thinks it is the best place to live in the world and enjoying it for the self-satisfactory reasons that brought it, like soap scum, to the surface. i wish i were more attentive in my drumming drills as a youngster since manual dexterity now looks so useful. if you ever find yourself cooking for me i would like you to remember that i dont really like tinned sweetcorn, but that fresh is fine.

Monday, October 03, 2005

sorry about the delay, a cusomer was taken ill on this post at charing cross. saturday saw ed and pete moving, not as planned into the wonderous searle street, but into my familial home. if i ever meet the landlady or her son i shall have a few choice phrases of anglo-saxon invective on hand, and so should you. anyway, i got infeasibly drunk on saturday night at a sparkling house warming, so my relentless three weeks without a lie in regime continues. i still haven't bought my new coat, and i now think i never will, as it is in fact a tent constructed for the prussian army (close escape eh!). i had better be off to write notes and do a few questions on the chapters i read on the way home.