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Monday, August 29, 2011

been back in london for a week - seems to be taking a bit of time to get back up intot the groove. have planted some winter veg which seems to be sprouting well, been doing a bit of cooking and now in the office getting ready for the week. sadly last night's huet vouvray was rather a disappointment.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

some news from new york. the things i ate were generally good, but i shouldn't necessarily say materially better than london with one exception: the burgers. to be fair ~60% of the meals i ate were burgers. here are some reviews ranked in increasing order of merit - all were decent with the poorest at the level of goodman in london's costly mayfair district or hawksmoor.

5 napkin. decent. juice flowed down my arms, beef was present. there was some funny business with rosemary aioli but otherwise i would say a fine burger.

shake shack. beefy, loaded with other stuff which wasn't too distracting. dirt cheap. i also had a hot dog very loosely "through the garden" but this was like a pastiche of chicago. a tasty pastiche.

minetta tavern. the most expensive by a long way. the beef flavor was tip top. nice bun. texture unbelievably soft - i guess it is quite hard to fry an emulsion of beef fat and retain any texture. perhaps given the mouthfeel this would be top choice to a cantonese palate. too much onion gunk though.

roberta's. i had hoped to eat some of the awesome food one see's on the us blogs: pasta with pigeon offal, roast duck, steaks, tomatoes from just outside and so on. sadly, at lunch the choices were fewer, so i had the burger. the patty was like a lovely minced asador/chuelta experience - mineral, meaty, hint of roquefort like mouldy taste. no nonsense. the very ideal of burgerhood.

i also got intensely drunk on gin in the carlyle hotel bar. there was quite a good jazz band who were taking requests. my memory fades after a bit, so i cannot honestly say if i requested "brilliant corners".

Sunday, August 14, 2011

this last week was a single day in london, four in new york and a couple in maine. new york proved very much as anticipated and all the better for it: burgers various, art and a lot of time in the steam room at my hotel. in maine i will report more next week, but let us say for now that family oriented crustaceans may need to round up their kin.

Monday, August 01, 2011

cooking from the weekend, including my first ever harvest and 11 year old savennieres: