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Thursday, August 31, 2006

fish go deep. i have been trying to think of a cunning way to get a link to the funky house phenomenon on the blog for about a month so i have given in and am behaving very literally.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i have a question i would like to pose to any theoreticians on the politico-economic axis. if we cut the umbilical chord to rational wealth maximising asset allocation, should we all become shareholders in those organisations (such as our employers and landlords) in whom we take the greatest (non-financial) stakeso we can apply as much leverage on these organisations as possible. from a very different premise, perhaps warren buffets prohibition on directors and officers insurance is a different shadow cast from the same beautiful sculpture. a third projection (and the one which prompted this by now rather cryptic yoga) is that of relaxing the necessity of citizenship from voting eligibility. make the only requirement that you can proove that you are who you say you are (one vote per person) and that you are sufficiently interested in the local political situation as to want to vote. of course, another part of my dogma free politics fears the levels of taxation which would certainly ensue from such a regieme, but if you can crack that one i think it is a wonderful idea.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

more new pynchon novel news. if you were wondering what to get me for christmas......

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

in the style of a.n.other, i hereby issue an open invitation to accomanpy me to see now voyager at the nft on friday. perhaps you might like to join me for a glass of sherry at brindisa before, or perhaps not. quite possibly i will think this is a rubbish idea by friday and do something else. but for now, lets make it a date (comments are on..).

Sunday, August 20, 2006

as i write somthing wicked seems to have come the way of the brit oval which is a terrible shame. as could be clearly heard in memoriam at the last test match i am sure fred trueman would declare this "just not cricket". i have recently had the pleasure of the company of my favourite peripatetic belgian which has been a blessed relief from a slightly teadious run of studying. one diverting excursion took me to tapas brindisa last night to sample the extremes of the sherry specturum in some pleasent surroundings. i should try to watch as many carol reed films as you can if i were you.

Friday, August 11, 2006

reader, i bought that suit.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

scotland enjoys me a great deal. this time i watched a slightly sentimental comedian and ate a misguided donught amounst a great many other things. i am somehow refreshed and ready to cover ground amoungst the rolling hills that litter my landscape. a mist has come down to hide the highest peaks and fill the deepest valleys. my god, this is a fantastic metaphor. i had better read some books soon as a brief scan over recent posts revals i am getting a bit stale.

in other news i saw a lovely suit today which i may buy on thursday. i will keep you up to date on if the deal goes through.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

who is the most miserable, i wonder? i have heard it said that smog makes a strong play, but then there is the old "well i could kiss you..." and "higle-de-bigldy-boo..." type of moment in his songs which betray at least the possibility of a mood swing. our old frind leonard cohen has somthing going for him but i feel that he is, at least spiritually, somehow canadian and thus whistful (pining for decent maple syrop no doubt - leonard you have my sympathy) rather than miserable. i have recovered a false memory of my dear pa pa singing me to sleep with "famous blue raincoat" simply in the writing of this. i will not bracket oldham or dylan here as they are widely misunderstood and anyway my attitute to them is similar to that taken by hoi athenoi to hera et al - ours is not to reason why. no, today i propose to you that the most myserable is infact our friend darren hayman. think of "the librarian". or "lee remick". if anyone out there knows where i can get hold of the 7" of lee remick let me know.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

well is has cooled down now so i could rightly go for a walk through the orchards to nab an apple if i brought a sweater and i feel like it is time for me to start thinking of my birthday dinner of veal and cheese and how i should spend a lottery win and what courses i will take next term but oh no, it is far too soon and too late at the same time but at least i have something to do all day what with economics to read and the time of the reporting year and the state of the markets and i have yet to travel the nations length to mark out time for the year so i had better get going.